Ice giants

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Icebergs floating in the Ilulissat Icefjord in western Greenland. These icebergs break from the Jakobshavn glacier (Sermeq Kujalleq) before ending up in this fjord. Jakobshavn glacier produces around 10% of Greenland's calf ice and is the most productive glacier outside Antarctica.

Many of the icebergs calving from the glacier are so massive, with a height up to 1km, that they get stuck on the bottom of the fjord where they can remain for years until they melt or break apart and drift out to sea.

Watching these ice giants by this fjord has been one of my strongest experiences in nature. The sheer scale of the icebergs and the thunderous cracks coming from the glacier as the ice relentlessly pushes forward.

Just sitting there still, observing natural beauty like this really puts things in perspective and makes you realise just how small we humans are. I wish we would take better care of our planet. 
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