Jonatan Hedberg is a Helsinki based landscape photographer who thrives in remote places and finds inspiration when surrounded by barren landscapes. 

Being outdoors is a big part of my identity, and the feeling I experience while being out in nature is something I try to convey through my images.

While I love great vistas and how you really get to appreciate the grandeur of nature when standing next to majestic sceneries, I also really enjoy working with smaller, more intimate landscapes.

In my work I tend to gravitate towards clear and strong compositions. I also like my photographs to stand the test of time, and for me that means images which are subtle and toned-down. The collection here consists of images I personally feel work really well as framed wall art.

Living right next to the sea, the coast is quite naturally a reoccurring theme for me. If you have any questions or requests, please send an email to: info@nordicvistas.com

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For logistical reasons I use a partner for printing, framing and shipping. This way the production happens at a location closest to you, which means shorter shipping distances and faster deliveries. 

The quality of the work is outstanding, and I really feel it gives my art the treatment it deserves.

The frame is wrapped in a protective sleeve with the corners and the print area secured and is then shipped in a heavy duty cardboard box. 

Delivery times are usually between 1-2 weeks for most orders, depending on where you live. All packages ship with a tracking number.