Casting shadows

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After hiking through the forest, the dusk of the northern summer night being light enough to see the path without a headlamp, I reached the cliff overlooking the valley below. The night sky was clear and the valley with its windy river was covered in a thick night fog, as it often happens here. I set up my gear and got ready for the 3 am sunrise still a few hours away.

And what an amazing scene it was, with the fog drifting in the light breeze, constantly shifting as it lingered in the forest below me. When the sun finally rose the trees cast incredible long shadows through the fog. Pure magic. 

Kuusamo, Finland. 

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The framed prints are available in two sizes


The framed image is available in two sizes. The size refers to the glazed area inside the frame, including the print and the mount which is 5 cm | 2" wide.

The optimal size depends on the viewing distance, but in general the larger one works well on it's own and the smaller one as part of a group of prints hung together.

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